How to create a 360 picture and contribute to nature in street view.

15 de February de 2022

Here we discuss the value and potential of the virtual tours for its use in geology and geography studies.

You can make your own walk at in 360 section.

If you want to make your own virtual tour, here you can view the workflow. Is is easy to set up with H5P. You can use Lumi education, and If you choose online option, also you can have an online version and share it with students and colleagues.

You can chek the result here

Capture frame from the virtual tour to Torre de Hércules walk in Coruña

Click the links below if you want to learn how to create spherical images and link them to Google Maps using Streetview. These techniques are very useful for creating virtual tours that allow the students to visit natural spaces from school or home!

Virtual tours

The instruction of the different subjects in schools fall into textbooks, presentations and videos, models, maps… combined with internships in laboratories, workshops and technology classrooms where they acquire procedural skills and soft skills that are essential for student training. 

Of course, educational outings to museums, natural spaces, cultural tours … are equally of high value and very necessary in the different levels of training from kindergarten to university.

But the crowded classrooms of students, the absence of unfolding or complicated courses and with extraordinary events sometimes makes it very complicated or impossible to conduct practical sessions. This was especially evident during the last pandemic, due to the impossibility of sharing material or the need to preserve a safety distance that forced many centers to suspend outings, complementary activities, laboratories and workshops.

It is also not feasible to make a large number of visits for logistical and budgetary reasons, or simply because the visit we would like to make is too far away and is not feasible.

Given this, virtual reality technology or 360 videos, allows tours with images and videos that can help enormously. 

What can we do with this technology?

Right now we can make virtual visits to many museums and places of proven quality and relevance.  

Few things are as enriching to explain a subject of history or art as a visit to a museum or archeological site from the comfort of our classroom or home.

Museum of Modern Art.  . Other museums

Visit a natural environment using 360 images from the Street view map or google earth tool provided by the Google team itself or its users, who can also link several of these images to build routes along a site with points of special interest.

Link to the Chelo river route Get to

know a city and its monuments using 3D view or walks using Street View. Of course… we can all contribute to the Strret view, in another module we will see that it is very easy. Here is an example made with the mobile. 

Do a simulation of a practice in the environment of a laboratory, a workshop or even observe the intervention of a patient in an operating room to learn about the surgery and the context in which it is practiced.

Of course. These topics that I cite here are just a few examples. 

Concerto of a chamber orchestra from its different sections
Part of ice hockey

I encourage you to enter some of the links I left you in the virtual classroom that I liked for originals or for quick application in the classes of different subjects. They are divided according to the media you use.

How do I search for a 360 video on youtube? 

Very easy! Once you’ve done your search on YouTube, click on filters and then select the 360 ​​option. This way, only videos of this type will be offered.

How do I search for a 360 image on google maps?

After searching for a region of your interest. Click and drag the yellow macaque icon (bottom right vertex) through the area where you want to search for 360

images. The individual spherical images will appear as blue circles, while successive spherical images that make up a path appear as blue lines (see image below) . Simply place the yellow icon on the site that interests you and has these types of images. 

If we want to search for other nearby images without leaving the one initially selected, we can do so from the map box. You can also resize it by clicking on the square. 

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