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15 de August de 2023

This is a great idea to maximise the use of limited outdoor space. This lesson plan, alongside the ‘Recycled Plastic Bottle Flowerpots’ one, brings together many aspects of Natural Schooling: […]

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10 de August de 2023
Erasmus+ Natural Schooling Training Program (IO7)

This course is Intellectual Output 7, of the Natural Schooling Project. The course consists of 5 Key Elements and aims to support participants in their understanding of how a Natural […]

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27 de July de 2023
Erasmus + Natural Schooling Evaluation Report (IO6) 2023

The results are in! The Erasmus+ Natural Schooling Evaluation Report is here to view. The value and impact of the Natural Schooling projects is clearly evident in the data gathered […]

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22 de July de 2023
Erasmus+ Natural Schooling project multiplier event

Eden Project (UK) 21st July 2023 Go team Erasmus! An Erasmus + Natural Schooling project multiplier event has been held at the Eden Project. Delegates from across the country, as […]

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19 de July de 2023
Recycled Plastic Bottle Flowerpots

Recycling plastic bottles to create painted flowerpots.

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18 de July de 2023
Foraging for Elderflower

How to forage for elderflower and make a delicious cordial

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20 de June de 2023
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14 de June de 2023
Erasmus Natural Schooling Curriculum Innovation Project Handbook (OI1) Swedish language version

Den här handboken är ett samarbetsresultat av organisationer i Italien, Spanien, Sverigeoch England som en del av det Erasmus+- finansierade projektet “Natural Schooling: usingcurriculum innovation projects to improve student outcomes” […]

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14 de June de 2023
Erasmus Natural Schooling Curriculum Innovation Project Handbook (IO1) English language version

This English version handbook is a collaborative output by organisations in Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK as part of the Erasmus+ funded ‘Natural Schooling: using curriculum innovation projectsto improve […]

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21 de May de 2023
Foraging for Art

Natural schooling outdoor lesson foraging leaves for artwork. The leaves are brought back to the classroom for students to experiment with a variety of art techniques including rubbings and printing. […]

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In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful. –Alice Walker

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